About Us

Comann Eachdraidh Bharabhais agus Bhrù has been in existence since Spring 1995.

The original Comann Eachdraidh Committee members were:
Chairman: Allan Matheson
Vice Chairman: Kenneth A Matheson
Secretary: Kenneth J MacDougall
Treasurer: Katie Mary Smith
Assistant Treasurer: Margaret J MacLeod
Other Committee Members: Catriona Chandler, Calum MacKay, Kenneth J MacKay, Rev. Allan MacLeod, John Murray, James Smith, Malcolm J Smith.

What is it trying to do?
The Comann Eachdraidh exists to promote an active interest in the history, heritage and culture of the Barvas and Brue area; to do this it will:

Bring together all individuals and bodies that share such interests;   bring together all individuals and bodies that share such interests
Collect, identify and preserve documents, photographs and other material of historical value in the area for the benefit of the community;  
Organise exhibitions, displays, lectures and other events;  
Co-operate with Universities, Colleges, Schools and others interested in the work and aims of the Society;  
Raise and hold funds towards the furtherance of these aims.