Fios a' Bhaile - Issue 3

Over the last 100 years, during war and peacetime, men, women and entire families from Barvas and Brue have left their villages to travel and live in all corners of the world. Some indeed have come back to stay. So if you thought the older people in Brue and Barvas were never past Stornoway or even the "Corners" - think again - you are about to learn a lot more about them. Their lives read like chapters in a fascinating book. We hope to help them tell their story.

And there are of course those who did not come back, many who lost their lives in the two great World Wars, whilst others were forced to emigrate. Their descendants are now living in the world's major cities, on the prairies, in the outbacks, on ranches and in ports throughout the world. With your help we hope to reach them and tell their story too!
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What we do find out will be recorded on tape and/or paper and indexed on computer. Then we can all, along with future generations learn from the records, photographs, maps, videos and other materials collated.

You have heard it said, "How can we understand the future, if we do not know about our past." All our people have experiences of good and bad times, but we have been a fortunate people and the history of our villages and people is worth telling. We look forward to sharing more of it with you over the years.
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